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  • NW Nannies LLC provides temporary childcare referrals, short term and long term, and maintains records of Childcare Providers who have been screened and are available to be employed by the Family to perform in-home childcare functions. NW Nannies LLC will refer available Childcare Providers to the Family based on information provided by the family. Family is to pay a referral fee, which is charged based on an hourly, daily or overnight, or monthly fee. That rate will be confirmed at the time a nanny makes contact with the Family. Family understands that the referral fee will continue to remain in effect whether the Family makes future arrangements with the referred Childcare Provider or directly through the service. NW Nannies LLC is not the employer of any Childcare Provider retained by the Family, and is not responsible for the provider’s direction, supervision, control or compensation. Childcare Providers work schedule and the methods, manner and means of employment and any other terms and conditions will be determined between the Family and the Childcare Provider. Family understands that they may be responsible for withholding and filing employment taxes for salaries paid to the Childcare Provider which exceeded the exemption limits acts by the Internal Revenue Service. If Family instructs Childcare Provider to transport their child(ren) in the Families or the Providers automobile, Family understands that NW Nannies is not responsible for the safety of any child(ren) while being transported in any automobile. Family agrees to provide and install the appropriate safety seats in the automobile being used. NW Nannies LLC’s liability is further limited in several ways. No screening process can provide complete accuracy; therefore the Agency can not guarantee the performance or qualifications of the Childcare Providers that are referred to Family. Family will release and hold harmless NW Nannies LLC, its agents, employees and officers for any and all claims of liability relating to or arising out of the referral and/or hiring of any Childcare Provider. In addition, NW Nannies LLC assumes no liability if a Childcare Provider is ill or contagious and unaware of her illness or contagion while working for a family. In the event that a court or arbitrator determines that NW Nannies LLC is responsible for damages, claims or injuries relating to this agreement or the performance of a Childcare Provider, NW Nannies LLC cannot be held liable for any amount above and beyond fees paid by the Family. NW Nannies LLC cannot be held liable for incidental or consequential damage. This limitation of liability exits regardless of whether a claim made against NW Nannies LLC arises in tort or in contract, including any claims based on negligence and cannot be modified or extended except by an explicit written agreement. By pressing send below, I acknowledge that I will pay the applicable temporary placement fee each time upon hiring a nanny from NW Nannies LLC. Families shall be responsible for payment of all referral fees, if Family fails to make payment, Family will be responsible for a payment of all costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred by NW Nannies LLC as a result of collection, including cost and attorney fee made in connection with court and/or arbitration proceedings. If Family referral fee bounces, a $25.00 fee will be added to the amount owed. This agreement shall be constructed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon and/or the State of Washington. All sections to enforce or interpret this agreement whether by court action or arbitration shall be maintained in Multnomah County, Oregon.