NW Nannies is your childcare resource during the COVID-19 crisis

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NW Nannies is your childcare resource during the COVID-19 crisis

Substitute nannies are available during the COVID-19 crisis

People are being encouraged to practice an ‘abundance of caution’ when they suspect they are ill including childcare providers.  There is a good chance your nanny or daycare will cancel at some point in the coming weeks, even if for just a day. It is important you prepare a childcare contingency plan now, which doesn’t rely on help from vulnerable populations such as grandparents.

NW Nannies can offer substitute nanny services on a daily (4-hour minimum), weekly and monthly basis for families whose lives have been disrupted by COVID-19. This is for both new and current families who may need a substitute.

By keeping your kids in a home environment, you will give them comfort and stability in this uncertain time. The family’s health will be better protected by remaining in social isolation as compared to going to a friend’s house or a large childcare facility. Even more, our professional nannies bring expertise, activities, and loving care to your home, which will make these long days more enjoyable.

You can learn more about hiring a temporary nanny here (Families > Temporary Nannies) or register here.

NW Nannies has been successfully serving families since 1985. We are known for high-quality matches between professional childcare providers and families seeking the best care for their children. 

Our professional nannies provide developmentally appropriate activities geared to individual children’s needs, in a safe and caring environment. Being local to the PNW, we know and vet our nannies thoroughly and have established many long-term relationships with families. 

Our passion and commitment to providing the very best quality childcare is why we exist. We look forward to finding you the best possible nanny for your family.