NW Nannies is your childcare resource during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Community Events

Our experienced nannies keep your children safe and entertained during your important events

Event planning is stressful enough without worrying about childcare. NWNannies is here to help!

Temporary nannies are a great solution when you are organizing or working an event and want your children there but you won’t necessarily have time to give them your full attention. Or you may be hosting a community event with children and would like to provide childcare for your guests. Either way, NWNannies will provide you with the best childcare in the Portland area.

Our experienced, dependable, and professional nannies have successfully provided childcare for a variety of community events such as:

  • Charity or fundraising events
  • School or church gatherings
  • Neighborhood events
  • Sports tournaments
  • Not sure, just give us a call!

Our experienced nannies will happily and safely care for your child or children while you participate in your community event. Not only will your children be safe with our nannies, but we will also provide stimulating, age appropriate activities.

Our childcare goes above and beyond average babysitting. Our nannies are smart, loving, and experienced childcare professionals who provide a fun, safe, and educational environment for children. We provide the best care possible because you deserve the best!

Hire a temporary Nanny today!

If this is the first time you’ve requested a temporary nanny, use the registration form here or use the button below.


Once we have your registration on file, you can request a temporary nanny using this form or use the button below.

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What will you receive when you hire a NW Nanny?
  • Safety: all of our nannies are fully screened, experienced and CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Experienced and loving nannies: we only hire experienced nannies who have worked with children of all ages and have provided positive care.
  • Enriching activities: our nannies bring and set up age appropriate activities.
  • Hassle-free care: our experienced nannies will ensure that you get to attend your corporate event without constant worry or frequent interruptions.

Our child-to-nanny ratios ensure that every child’s needs are met:

  • Infants/babies (up to 18 months): 2:1
  • Toddlers (1.5 to 3 years): 3:1
  • Pre-school (4 to 5 years) 4:1
  • School age (6 to 14 years) 6:1
How much does it cost to hire a temporary nanny?

Event nannies start at $25 per hour for each nanny, please call (503) 245-5288 for specific pricing.

$5 per hour agency fee

How Do I Hire a Temp Nanny?

If you’re new to NW Nannies you must complete the registration form found here or by using the button below.


Once we have your registration on file, you can request a temporary nanny using this form or use the button below. We may also be reached by phone at 503-245-5288.

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“I was in Portland for a conference and had my two- and four-year olds in tow. The hotel assured me that you would find us a fun and loving nanny. Well, Breonna arrived with a bag full of activities that kept the kids engaged for hours. Thank you from one very happy mom.”

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