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Many families have found that the usual childcare options, such as baby sitting and childcare centers, do not meet their needs. They want their children to be well cared for, in their own homes, by highly skilled and loving adults. NWNannies offers your family PEACE OF MIND, through our in-depth screening procedures and our exemplary matching techniques. NWNannies provides Nannies who are professionally trained, experienced, full or part time, and live in or live out. All Nannies are either graduates of an approved Nanny School or are individuals with comparable education and experience. We also provide competent and experienced Nanny/Housekeepers who demonstrate the same commitment to the childcare profession as the professionally trained nanny.

Family Application for Permanent Nanny Placement

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What is a professional nanny?
  • Trained in child development (cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development)
  • Knows how to apply this knowledge through art, music, play, literature, science and more
  • Trained in CPR and First Aid and is always prepared for the unexpected
  • Knowledgeable about good nutrition
  • Understands the complexity of the family unit
  • Loving and compassionate and “there” for your family
How are NW Nannies screened?
  • In-depth in-person interview
  • Complete personal history
  • Police checks
  • Reference checks
  • Minimum one year commitment
Nanny Job Description


  • Everyday care
  • Stimulate children through age appropriate activities
  • Work with children to achieve fullest developmental potential
  • Clean up after children and self
  • Children’s laundry
  • Maintain children’s bedrooms
  • Prepare nutritious meals and snacks for the children
  • Transport children to outside activities


  • Light housekeeping, dusting, and vacuuming
  • Some meal preparation for the family
  • Errands/Grocery shopping

Care of other children

  • Inviting other children over to play for the day is expected.
  • If out of town guests or stepchildren will be staying for more than three days and the nanny is expected to care for the children full-time, the nanny should be compensated.
Nanny Work Hours

Live-in Nanny

  • Approximately 9-11 hours per work day.
  • Two (consecutive) days off per week.
  • When family is out of town for seven or more days, the nanny should have a back-up system to relieve him/her for at least one day every seventh day.
  • When the Nanny travels with the family, he/she should be given appropriate time off.

Live-out Nanny

  • Approximately 8-10 hours per work day.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday off, with occasional weekend work.
  • If the Nanny stays at home while parents are out of town, the Nanny should be financially compensated and have a back up system similar to a live-in Nanny.
  • If the Nanny travels with the family, she/he should be given appropriate time off.



The salaries indicated below are a suggested range, based on numerous variables. Please discuss your specific situation with your NWNannies advisor.

Live-in Nanny

  • Based on the number of children, responsibilities, number of hours and the level of experience of the Nanny, salaries range from $550 to $1,000 per week.
  • Benefits include social security (employer match), federal and state withholding taxes, one to three weeks paid vacation, three to five paid sick days, health insurance, and paid legal holidays.
  • Nannies are reimbursed for use of their own car, or are provided with a car by the family.

Live-out Nanny

  • Based on the number of children, responsibilities, number of hours and Nanny’s level of experience, salaries range from $600 to $1.100 per week.
  • Benefits are the same as for a live-in Nanny.

Part-time Nanny

  • Salary is based upon number of children, responsibilities and level of experience of the nanny.
  • Typical hourly rates range from $18-$25 per hour.
Support and Replacement/Refund Policy
  • NWNannies makes regular follow-up calls to all families and nannies
  • NWNannies provides technical assistance and guidance to families.
  • NWNannies assists families in developing personalized nanny job descriptions and contracts.
  • NWNannies provides tax and payroll assistance.

If you are not completely satisfied, you may request a replacement Nanny within the first 90 days of placement. If we are unable to find a suitable replacement, NWNannies will provide a prorated refund of our placement fee.

Agency Fees

NWNannies Agency Fees Families pay NWNannies placement fees for services rendered by NWNannies at the time their nanny is placed. Fees are the same for live-in and live-out nannies.

Agency fees for Portland placements (in USD):

Up to 20 hours/week ……………………. $1,050
21-29 hours/week ………………………. $1,450
Over 30 hours/week …………………….. $1,850
Out of state fee ………………………. $2,200

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“I have found the nannies from NW Nannies to be experienced, competent, and reliable. They care for all ages, from young infants to older children. They are indispensable for the new mom!”


“We have been so happy with the services that NW Nannies provides. The office staff is friendly and efficient. Every nanny we have used has been excellent, although we have developed strong relationships with a few of our favorites. We have no family in town, so finding NW Nannies has been a true blessing. Thanks for all you do.”

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