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Hire A Sitter

When you need to hire a sitter our service is available and easy. Our Sitting Service is perfect for parents looking for Professional, reliable and loving care for their children.

When you need to hire a sitter for work, errands, appointments, weekends out of town and even date nights, our Sitting services are available. If you have a full-time Nanny, but your Nanny is on vacation, this is a wonderful and helpful option for you as well.

At Northwest Nannies we also provide Sitting Services for the following:

  • Out of Town Visiting or Business – Hotel Sitting services
  • Childcare for Weddings, Funerals and other Event Types
  • Sitting Services for Newborns and up

In most cases, we can fill your Sitting needs in 24 hours based on timing, location and the length of time needed. We strive to meet every parent’s needs and in temporary or short-term childcare we provide and employ the same standards of quality and loving care for your child or children.

At NW Nannies, our criteria is the same for our “sitters”’ as it is for our Nannies.

Below, see our criteria for hiring a Nanny.

Prospective Nannies must:

  • Meet educational/experience requirements:
    • Be a Graduate of an accredited post-secondary early childhood education program
    • Teacher
    • Nurse
    • Experienced childcare provider with comparable education and experience.
  • Be certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Have a good driving record
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be in good health
  • Provide five non-family references, of which four must be childcare related


When hiring a sitter, it is equally as important that the quality of care for your child or children is nothing but the best.

Here are examples of the criteria for being employed as a Sitter with NW Nannies-

For Your Children


  • Complete and attentive care for your child, including –
  • Stimulate children through age appropriate activities
  • Work with children to achieve fullest developmental potential
  • Clean up after children and self
  • Prepare nutritious meals and snacks for the children
  • Transport children to outside activities if needed.


Our Sitters at NW Nannies are here to assist you with your part-time and sometimes unexpected childcare needs as if they cared for your children everyday. At NW Nannies it is imperative that you as the parent, feel safe and secure while your children are in our care.


“I have found the nannies from NW Nannies to be experienced, competent, and reliable. They care for all ages, from young infants to older children. They are indispensable for the new mom!”

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