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Making the decision to hire a nanny is a very important decision. At Northwest nannies we realize all that goes into making the best choice to care for your children.

We have all different, highly qualified Nannies who care for Newborn age children all the way up… Each one of our Nannies are amazing, highly screened, extremely qualified, certified, vetted and capable. Our Nannies love your children like they were their own and care for them the same way.

At Northwest Nannies we put your children first. The relationship between parents and our Nannies is equally as important. We ensure that we provide any/all information and are available at any time to make sure that your nanny is the best choice for your children and family.

Steps To Hire a Nanny

During the selection process of hiring a nanny, there are many steps involved to make sure that the Nannies we suggest for you are a good fit for you and your family.

We have a very rigorous process of qualifying and matching our Nannies to your specified wants, needs and desires. At Northwest Nannies we spend many hours making sure that the best Nanny for your children or child and home is matched just for you.

Additionally, we offer great flexibility as we know that all families have different needs, timing, etc. and each child and family is unique. Matching families with their nannies is paramount and we always go the extra mile to makes certain that you as parents feel confident and secure that your children are receiving the very best of care.

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“I have found the nannies from NW Nannies to be experienced, competent, and reliable. They care for all ages, from young infants to older children. They are indispensable for the new mom!”

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